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The commercial radio arrived to Scandinavia

In the summertime of 1958 the wellknown "De lytter til Radio Mercur" came out of the speakers on the FM radio in Denmark. 

The first commercial radio in Scandinavia was a fact with ads from Fona Radio, Toms Chocolate and Aerolloyd.

Here on the website you find the virtual organization for offshore radio and even here you will find the virtual museum for

Radio Mercur
Skånes Radio Mercur
Radio Syd
Radio Nord


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Latest meeting at Revymuseet and Allegade 10 June 2nd. 2015.

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Radio Mercur 50 years revival July 31st. 2012

Radio Mercur employees, radio people and members of SORH are gathering in Dragør on July 31st. 2012.

Radio Mercur will celebrate with real radio on the day on the radio and the net.
Join us now and be a part of the party and get entrance to our virtual museum. 

---- > 31. juli 2012 - 3. august Radio Mercur revival. To markerer the 50 years anniversary of the close down of Radio Mercur, 
           there willl be a meeting and a 1950's exhibition, music and radio andoif course many former Radio Mercur people are gathered for this event. 

---- > Radio Mercur celebrates the 50th anniversary in 2012, first with the chairmanship for EU in Denmark with a story about the radio station

Join us:

----  > For getting an access to the radioprogrammes, as well as the the big virtual museum, you have to be a member - therefore join us now and support the organization. 

Original Intro jingle Radio Mercur:

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