Radio Syd
6. marts 1962 - 19. januar 1966

A short résumé: After the leave of Nils-Eric Svensson from Skånes Radio Mercur in September 1961, Britt Wadner (BW) took over the station.
After a short delay of the programmes the station start again on March 6 1962 under the name of Radio Syd.
Through a new company it i now AB Sydreklam who is responsible for Radio Syd and with BW as only owner.

At the same time Radio Syd has taken over the "Cheeta" ship from Radio Mercur, and therefore now have their own radioship, as well as the hours of transmission are developed.
At this time the media also show bigger interest for the offshore radio stations. The politicians have worked for a period with a new law for radio and the law take effect from July 31, 1962 at midnight.
As the only station Radio Syd continue the programmes. Radio Syd and BW hereby are now more known for the fight against the authorities than the programmes.
During the winter 1963 "Cheeta" is forced to enter port of refuge in Limhamn, because of the ice in Öresund.
This interruption is three months and during that period Radio Syd release a commercial paper for the households in the Malmö regin.

In an autumn gale in 1964, did "Cheeta" not manage to stay on her anchor place (N 55,39.9 O 12,52.4) but drew toward the coast outside Vikhög north of Malmö. A danish tug boat managed to get the damaged "Cheeta" into Malmö where it sank short after.
Noone thought  that Radio Syd never should come back, but BW showed something else.
BW had during a longer period negotiated with the sellers of "Cheeta Mercur". The plans were from this ship to start commercial TV on the UHF-band. 
The plans did change because of the lost of "Cheeta".

Radio Syd with BW inthe front did a long and hard fight against the lawmakers, but certainly the weather too. The laws continued to be more and more specified. Five times BW was in the court for breaking the radio laws. The Swedish Henning Sjöström argued that BW did correct as she read the law. But she got a sentence of 3 months in prison due to she owned the transmitter. Svea Hovrätt changed it to only one month.

BW became prisoner no. 516 at Hinseberg prison.
A list with more than 130000 names from people in Skåne was sent to the Swedish goverment as a protest, but without result. The protest list was organized of Club Radio Syd which had 10000 members.
After the days in prison BW continued the radio transmission from international waters in Öresund.
In the autumn 1965 the first TV transmissions started at the UHF at channel 41 (TV Syd). At Christmas eve 1965 you could see BW together with her lawyer Henning Sjöström giving greetings and openening christmas gifts in a direct show from the ship. 
The happiness was short, as just before the Christmas BW got a new sentence now with 3 months in prison.

On January 19. 1966 it was the definate end for Radio Syd. Cheeta II was forced to leave beause of the ice, and never returned.
Also a new law for radio transmision should start sometime in 1966.
A dispensation was sent from BW to Olof Palme, but it was refused. He claimed "You have to follow the rules".

"Cheeta II" was rented to Radio Caroline in England that had a problem with "Mi Amigo" the former Radio Nord ship "Bon Jour". 
Afterwards the ship went to the Canarie Islands and at last to Gambia, where Cheeta II was a restaurant ship.

Radio Syd continued the radio in Gambia. They started in 1970 and ended in 2001.

Britt Wadner passed away in March 1987.

foto: Göran Carlsson