The Skandinavisk Offshore Radio Historie website scandinavianoffshoreradio.com is our presentation of our organisation, as well as a historic look-back in the period of 1958 - 1965 when there were commercial radio in Denmark and Sweden.

We have in the website menu under radiostations different subjects for the visitor with interest for this period in radio history, and which is the direct reason to what vi have in our radios to-day.

The virtual museum, which is the most important part of the website will content so much as possible we can find from the five commercial radiostations who filled our rooms with good music and commercials that filled our rooms for the Danish and Swedish citizens.

The virtual museum are likeall other museums forced to take a fee for entering. Therefore you will as a member have the possibility to listen to radioprogrammes, commercials in lots, watch photos and clips from as well as radio, as the daily press from then.

And the best of all, the virtual museum is open, when you have time. It is open day and night all days whole year.
Take your children or grandchildren on a virtual trip in the museum.

The virtual museum will from start content of several hundreds of object, and if you like it, the membership fee is paid for something good.
In the future it will continue developing with several thousand of hours of sound and photos as well as a lot of text and clips from the daily press.


We all know the are material from these days, with tapes, old magazines, newspapers, maybe a gramophone record, sold from the stations before the close down.
Maybe you have a super 8 film, taken from a boat in Öresund, while eating on the restaurant boats. 

Everything have our interest, big or small, either as a donation for the organization, or we have the permission to copy the material, and return it to the owner.

Donated material will be added to the offsore radio museum, which will be possible to see on the virtual way, or/and if we have many objects will use it for a museum, or exhibitions, that will be shown as guest exhibitions on different locations.

Please contact us on our e-mail, you find it on the frontpage down at the right.